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After nine months, the Scioto County Sheriff's Office has a new Chief Deputy - Todd Miller, who was promoted from patrol captain.
Miller replaces Hughie Blair who retired as Chief Deputy last November.
Miller began his law enforcement career in 1981 as a jailer under Sheriff John Knauff. After five years, he he becam a patrol officer. In 1993, he became a detective and was assigned to Children Services, where he investigated child abuse cases. In 1999 he became a patrol captain.
Sheriff Marty Donini said the position of Chief Deputy is a tough one, He said he chose Miller because he had worked with him for the past 24 years.
"Of the people I know in law enforcement, he has the qualities I'm looking for," Donini said. "He has has a reputation and has has creditbility with the employees who work here."
Donini said that with his management style, he makes few decisions without getting input from his captains.
"Miller gives me the straight scoop, he's down to earth and he isn't going to sugarcoat

anything,' Donini said. "Thats what I need, someone who will back me up. If I'm going the wrong direction, I need someone with guts to tell me so."
Miller said he has seen changes in the way the Sheriff's Office has been run in the past two decades. He said there are a lot more administrative issues and that he feels his job is to take as much responsibility as possible.
Miller said he doesn't expect and drastic changes.
"I like to have a good flow. We have 70 or so employees and your going to have issues," he said. "If changes can be made to improve this office, we'll do it."
Miller and Blair spent five years sharing an office on the fourth floor of the Scioto County Courthouse.
"Believe it or not, I learned some things sharing an office with Blair," Miller said. "If there is anything that Blair has, it is people skillls, which you need in  the Chief Deputy position. We didn't always agree but he was a good sounding board.

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September 10, 2005
Sheriff names Miller
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