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Sheriff's Deputies usually chase those with two legs.
But not always.
Scioto County Sheriff's Deputies recently chased down a runaway horse and are trying to find it owner.
"I tought someone would claim it by now," Chief Deputy Todd Miller said. "You would think that after a day or two, they would notice it was missing."
Deputies captured the horse while it was running loose on May 29 near Ohio 522 in Wheelersburg. But they have not heard from anyone claiming to own the horse.
Miller said he can only remember one or two similar cases.
"There was some cattle let go one time,' he said. "But I think the owner meant to do that. But we have no idea who the owner of this horse is."

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June 9, 2006
Deputies Seek Owner of Runaway Horse

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News Releases

A man who helped the deputies capture the horse is keeping it on his farm until the owner is found. If the owner is not found, the horse will be auctioned in about 30 days.
"There's obviously a stall fee that needs to paid for the guy who is keeping it," Miller said. "So whatever we would get at the auction would be taken right off the top. Then the rest would go into the county's general fund.
Miller said the horse is in good physical condition. But he would not release any more details about the horse because he wants the owner to be able to describe it.
"If someone believes they are the owner, they can contact me, " Miller said. "But it's still a mystery."
Miller can be reached at (740) 355-8261.

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