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Sheriff of Scioto County, Ohio

Madison Township
Hall Meeting

Recently, on April 27, 2006 Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini was invited to attend and participate in a town hall meeting held at Minford High School where over one hundred residents showed up to discuss ways to help out in solving and preventing crimes within Madison Township.

Below you will find a "Power Point" presentation that was presented to those in attendance concerning statistical information pertaining to criminal cases being investigated within Madison Township.

Some of the statistical information includes totals which you might find interesting in whatever township you may reside.

In addition, after being requested by Mark Gampp, you will find a copy of the "Original" database maintained by the Scioto County Sheriff's Office concerning all crimes reported in the 2006, 2005 and 2004 years that occurred in Madison Township.

In order to view these files it is necessary that you have "Microsoft Access" software. It will take approximately three (3) minutes to download each of these files. The data is a copy of the original files. I will attempt to keep the 2006 database file current and up to date for those individuals who are participants of the newly created organization "Madison Township Citizens Patrol".
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Click STAR above to view the data.
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